A Case for Coaching

In a world that is calling for a change. Change in many areas but for this conversation we will address the call for change in work environment.  Change for sake of supporting human potential. Change for increasing the agility, resilience, creativity, and happiness in our work environment.


This improving of our work culture is not just to improve that warm fuzzy feeling. Though if it was to increase our happiness quota why is that a bad thing? This improving of our work culture is so that we can work effectively in this fast-paced work. The average work shift is 8 hours, yet we are only productive for an average of less than 3 hours in that 8-hour shift! Shifts/work that are requiring agility, creativity, and innovation. This gives us a lot of room for change! Room to increase the responsiveness and flow of ideas and requirement of adaptability.  Requiring adaptability and not just fear.

The coaching process provides space and curiosity for self reflection. Self reflection so that the coachee can facilitate change. Space to acknowledge what we want to change and why , and what the barriers are (mental or otherwise). We can make all the goals in the world but if we don’t address the what, the why and the barriers we will never implement or sustain the change. Change requires for us to be effective in work (and in life), to be resilient and handle these changes with grace and that will take adaptability. We all must understand that change is innate and to welcome it, to trust its potential and reap the rewards we receive from the journey. Change is hard but it is a reality. 

We can support change that improves the systems and behaviours at work so we can improve work environments, productivity, and effectiveness. A sense of purpose and value, not mindlessly doing something, is integral to productivity and to sustaining the changes for the better. 
We want to have a different and better work culture. Where we change the motivation away from an extrinsic motivator system to intrinsic, where we are agile and creative, with big picture and long-term planning. You know what you want but how?

That is the case for coaching.


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