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I Do, Technical Writing Of Manuals And Procedures

What I do so you and your employees can continue to do what you do best

Develop and Update Your Process and Procedure Documents

Wild Ember does technical writing contracts to custom create manuals, process and procedure documents.

Updating your organization’s Process and Procedure documents so that they are in unity with your organizations policies.

These up-to-date documents specific to your organization will be a significant tool for trainingdeveloping, and building consistent safe work habits with your employees.

Up-to-date process and procedures assist in maintaining fiscal responsibility by increasing efficiencysafetyefficacy, and decreasing potentially financially costly errors.

Imparting and communicating knowledge for succession planning and training of new and current staff increases work productivity and engagement.

Having up-to-date processes and procedures strengthens the problem-solving and error-finding capabilities of your employees, and the ability to resolve and decrease errors, which improves morale, and employee engagement, and decreases costs through your bottom line and your reputation.

The clarity from documented and consistent process’ and procedures can aid in improving the psychological safety within teams and organizations. This helps you and your team navigate, shape, and sustain a healthy work culture.

Unlimited communication to ensure these are built to be what you need.

Having Custom, Straight Forward Technically Written Manuals, Procedures, And Processes Specific To How Your Business Operates Will Give You

✓ Increased financial return

✓ Improved work productivity

✓ Consistent work habits

✓ Increased satisfactory customer service

✓ Increased safe work habits

✓ Ability to succession plan with less ‘surprises’ and unknowns

✓ Consistent training and development of employees

✓ Empower employees to resolve and decrease errors

✓ Improved employee engagement

✓ improved the psychological safety of the employees with their ability to view and discuss the consistent and available processes and procedures documents

✓ Improved employee and owners morale

✓ Improved employee retention

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✓ Decreased financially costly errors

✓ Decreased lost time due to employees not knowing the procedures

✓ Decreased lost time on miscommunication, determining who will do what, ‘re-inventing the wheel’ and repeating unnecessary steps

✓ Decreased workplace injuries

✓ Decreased uncertainty on job descriptions and expectations

✓ Decreased lost time due to inconsistent training

✓ Decreased productivity from staff turnover due to disengagement, poor morale, not feeling valued and empowered, and safety concerns

✓ Decreased employee safety concerns

✓ Decreased employee frustration due to costly preventable errors

✓ Decreased lost time due to poor training

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