Increasing psychological safety in your organization and or teams.

I have a special interest in improving the psychological safety within teams and organizations. Improving work environments where the entire team can hold a shared belief that individuals on the team will not embarrass, reject or punish them for speaking up. Helping you and your team navigate, shape and sustainably healthy work culture is incredibly important to me.

Strategic goal development, setting, accountability, and sustaining

Change is hard work, to start and to sustain. A shared and stated purpose and goals increases our engagement to an organization and to a priority. Moving forward requires thoughtful development of our goals, creating accountability and removing roadblocks to continue the sustainability of the changes we want.

Values, Mission and Vision Clarity

Together we will work on clarity and understanding of the values, mission and vision of your organization. Clarity on what that looks like in daily actions. This work brings it from being a forgotten statement in the employee handbook and utilizes them as guideposts for choices and actions that are lived and breathed in the daily life of the organization. This increases individual and team engagement, and creates focus and momentum on priorities, not urgencies.

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