Organizations turn to Wild Ember Coaching and Consulting to improve the work culture, team dynamics and improve employee engagement. These organizations value the financial benefit that improving employee motivation and engagement and lowering staff turnover and ‘quietly quitting’. Improving the employee motivation and engagement increases opportunities of growth in all areas of the business. Wild Ember is successful in this as they focus creating space for teams and individuals to find the action steps that work for their unique situation.

Through team and individual coaching, and workshops we work on psychological safety, accountability and action steps to improve problem solving, collaboration and communication to improve the business health.

Wild Ember Coaching and Consulting offers a variety of opportunities to improve your organization at the team and individual level.

Lets get started.

The Face Behind
Wild Ember Coaching and Consulting

Hello, I am Chrissie!
With 20 years of experience as a Registered Veterinary Technologist in mixed animal veterinary practice, I know how important improving work culture is across all industries. I am strongly motivated to help you and your team re-engage regardless of your industry. Through partnering with my company Wild Ember Coaching and Consulting we will build healthier, more resilient, and sustainable work teams and leaders. Coaching gives space for clients to dig read more…

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