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The list is long and the hours are short. So what to do.

I learned so much from reading Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project. She spoke of the concept is that there are always these 5 minute windows in our day, while we wait for the kids to get their socks on before we leave, while we wait for the kettle to boil, etc. What are the little ‘to-do’s’ that we can get done in random 5 minutes moments?

What can we do that would pay off in the long run for our productivity? Organize our workspace so we are ready for the next time we settle in to get our work done? File some random finished files that we don’t need out anymore? Find the files we need later, make the draft of an email?

Often we get overwhelmed by the big tasks we have in front of us, what if we break them down into small bite sized steps. Not so heavy then, more manageable?

What is in your five minute list?

Maybe this is the 5 minutes we should just be, be present, be nothing. And if that’s what is on your 5 minute list that is great. Be still and breathe.

Need help untangling what you want on your five minute list? Want to build some good habits in your life, some routines so those habits we are creating can stick? Give me a call and we will get started.

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