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Wild Ember Coaching & Consulting Testimonials

I can’t express enough how transformative my experience with Chrissie Engel and Wild Ember Coaching has been.

I was drowning in a sea of tasks and responsibilities within a new role, feeling overwhelmed by the chaos of my busy life. It seemed like I was constantly putting important things off, struggling to keep track of my to-do list, and my inbox was a disaster.

Chrissie’s unique approach to coaching immediately stood out to me. She didn’t just provide advice; she dove deep into understanding my specific challenges and roadblocks. Chrissie assessed my needs, and from there, we got to work. Chrissie helped me build a schedule that truly reflected my priorities, and we tackled the organization of my email and files, making everything less overwhelming.

But what truly sets Chrissie apart is her coaching. She didn’t just organize my life for me; she empowered me to maintain these changes on my own. Our coaching sessions were and continue to be invaluable. Chrissie’s guidance and insights were instrumental in turning these changes into lasting habits.

Thanks to Chrissie and Wild Ember Coaching, I now have a system in place that allows me to tackle my tasks, and I’ve reclaimed valuable mental space. I no longer push important tasks to the bottom of the list, and my inbox is finally under control.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, disorganized, or stuck in a cycle of procrastination, I wholeheartedly recommend Chrissie Engel’s services. Her hybrid approach combines immediate action with ongoing coaching, making it a truly transformative experience. It’s an investment in yourself that pays off in more ways than you can imagine.

-Nadine S., Regional Operations Director

“Chrissie carefully tailored each of my sessions to focus on exactly what I wanted to get out of them. Sometimes this would be a specific area I was struggling with at the time, like restructuring my schedule to complete an extremely important task I simply had to get done that week.

Through Chrissie’s process, I was able to create a realistic plan of action, all created within our session, that I could immediately see and use. I was able to think much more clearly and make better decisions by no longer carrying distracting levels of stress in the back of my mind.

Other sessions would be tailored to bigger picture thinking, such as designing my life in a way that aligned my personal and professional values.

Either way, Chrissie gives you total control to decide what you want to achieve through coaching and offers fantastic techniques and resources to help you in your chosen areas.

Coaching with Chrissie provided me with accountability and clarity for my own goals and helped me better understand myself. I would come out of each session with a boost of motivation and a new found level of awareness.”

– Emma C.

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